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2nd July 2012

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29th June 2012

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27th June 2012

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25th June 2012

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18th June 2012

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Tempus Fugit (Time Flees)

I love you don’t you know that? I love you and I would never hurt you, not once, not ever. No harm will ever come to you as long as you stay by my side, together, we can take it all on, and tear it all down. Autonomy.

I love you, you know that right? I love you.

My heart is full and it bursts, and bleeds out, it’s all over, only to collect and re-enter where it solidifies back into what my heart is and needs to be, shaken, changed. Welcomed. I love you; you know that, don’t you? All is full of love and longing, which is love at the taffy-pull. I love you. You know that.

Force the hand that feeds you into the fire for curing and solidifying, it loves you, I love you. You will have everything presented to you with none of the options. Here, take my hand, and this key within, but it will only work on several of these doors.

I love you, you have no idea.

Go on, don’t do it. Two steps forth and that’s it. You must not look beyond the wall. I know what it is that’s good for you. I love you. Don’t look. Don’t think about looking. I told you, there’s nothing there. Here, play with this, it’s shiny, smooth and metallic; you can see yourself…sort of, can’t you? I can, I love you.

Pages are everywhere, aren’t they? Isn’t that night, just shreds of thousands of papers strewn. So pretty. I love you, you know. It’s like White Christmas, like cold and enthralling. they write songs so you won’t cry. They love you too, you know. They love you, but I love you most of all.

Soft and warm, safe and sound, I’ll make sure. Get in this box, it’s OK, I love you. You’ll be safer in here, no discomfort or unhappiness ever. Just get in, it’s for the better, and I love you, you can trust me. I am here after all, here, and I love you. Only you.

Did you hear that? It’s open now, you can come out and stretch out all the tension, it’s safe, I checked, I love you, remember? It hasn’t been too long, look, the sky has gone green, I did that…just for you, I love you, you know that, right? I always have and always will. You’ll like that.

Here they are, the ones you loved and love still. they’re right in there waiting for you, it’s been so long, they’ve been anxious to see you and hear about your travels, they’re ever so interested…and ready to listen…

What? No one in there? That can’t be possible, they were here just a moment ago, ah well, I’m sure they’ll return soon, so…anxious…and ready. Until then, walk with me, if you still can. Tell me how that made you feel, stretch your legs, you’ll need to, there’s a longer journey ahead.

Don’t say anything, they won’t hear you. They know, they feel the heat. they’re aware it’s burning down, it’s alright. Oh, I love you, don’t worry, I love you and always will.

Take my hand, I will take you through, it’ll be fine, I promise, and love you.

Here, bite this belt, put your hand in this box…it’s alright, I love you. You’ll be fine, I won’t let anything harm you, I love you, don’t you know that?

It’s all right there, all you need…you’re bleeding? Preposterous, I love you, nothing is wrong.

The lights are just for show, pay them no mind love. this is just formality, and, as always, I love you. I love you and always will.

You’re looking sick, very pale. You want to be ill? I know, but hold, I love you, it will pass, I promise.

Rest your head. Relax. All is fine. Nothing can harm you now, I am here, and I love you, don’t you know that? Come along, they can’t hurt you now, not at all. Nothing can get in or out, save my love, which is everlasting, isn’t it a wonderful thing to be assured? Everlasting love. Love everlasting. The ballast tank is filling, things are getting heavier here. We should move on before… Well, let’s move on, no reason to go into much detail just yet.

Are you turning away? No, no, you mustn’t do that. You can’t. I love you, and it will run deep and true until the last sign of life fades into the after, and even then, you will not escape me. My love is omnipresent. My love is the ever.

Look, the sand is running out, isn’t it pretty? Yes, of course it is…pretty…and distracting.

Feeling better? Excellent. Let’s begin.

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18th June 2012

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18th June 2012

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17th June 2012


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17th June 2012

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16th June 2012

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